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May 20, The mechanical energy of a coconut falling from a tree A. gravitational potential energy B. Chemical potential enregy C.

thermal energy D. mechnaical energy? Wiki User ∙. mechanical energy is the total kinetic and _____ energies in a system.

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the mechanical energy of a coconut falling from a tree does what as it falls. conservation. the law of what of energy states that energy on a system can change forms but can never be created or destroyed. kinetic energy. A coconut is falling from a palm tree. When does the coconut have the most gravitational potential energy? When the coconut is at Position 1 When the coconut is at Position 2 When the coconut is at Position 3 The coconut has the same amount of gravitational potential energy at all the positions.

2) A strong wind blows and dislodges the coconut from the tree. A nesecond of free-fall, the kg coconut has a velocity of m/s toward the ground. How much kinetic energy does the coconut have at this moment? 38, 3) After falling for one second, the coconut is still m above the ground.

Calculate its gravitational potential energy at. Code Enforcement - trash, high lawns, etc. Drainage Requirements. Docks / Dredge and Fill Permitting. Total list of fees in Pinellas County. Industrial Pretreatment Program (including Pinellas Park) Occupational Licenses - no longer needed.

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