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Even with yearly pruning and careful cultivation, purple-leaf sand cherries become more susceptible.

Upright to arching growth form; shiny compound leaves; stout branches; white flower clusters in early summer followed by bright red berries; yellow fall color; found in marshy meadows or along streams; attracts birds.

Dec 04, Pruning or Trimming Purple Sand Cherry and growing Sand Cherry from Cuttings. In this video you will see how I cut Purple Sand Cherry in the fall to make sure they grow nice and tight and don’t get thin and spindly. You will also learn how to take all of those clippings and use tree care sioux falls, Port Orange FL to make hardwood cuttings of Purple Sand bushdisposal.pwted Reading Time: 5 mins.

Apr 16, Purple leaf sand cherry pruning isn’t complicated. Prune the oldest stems first, removing at least one-third of growth down to within a few inches (8 cm.) from the base.

Additionally, cut damaged or dead growth at the base of the bushdisposal.pwted Reading Time: 2 mins. If you are planting a hedgerow of sand cherries, prune back each individual plant before planting, so it is about 6 inches high. Hardy but short-lived shrubs that produce cherry-like “drupes” in fall, the purple-leaf sand cherry (Prunus x cistena) will generally require very little pruning, but it does require regular pruning to keep its.

Sep 21, Rejuvenate a neglected or overgrown purple-leaf sand cherry by hard pruning all of its branches down to within 6 inches of the ground in late winter, before its initial spring growth spurt.

Tip Even with yearly pruning and careful cultivation, purple-leaf sand cherries become more susceptible to pests and diseases after they reach the age of 10 years and and begin to decline in health and vigor. Apr 16, Pruning Purple Leaf Sand Cherry.

Pruning should be done as needed after the flowers come in spring in order to maintain a tighter oval shape. Begin by trimming the oldest stems first, removing about a third of the existing growth, and leaving a few inches of the trunk exposed at the base. Always remove any branches or twigs that are damaged or bushdisposal.pwcal Name: Prunus x cistena. Purpleleaf sand cherry plants are typically short-lived, falling prey to pests and diseases after about 10 to 15 years, but regular pruning can help maintain an attractive and dense form.

1 Dip. I think that purple leaf sand cherries, Prunus x cistena, need some TLC to prolong their lives. Still, they are a relatively short lived shrub.

If you would like to try growing one anyway, visit Nature Hills online nursery, for purple leaf sand cherry trees.

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