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Just above their hind legs, the females have a bulgy hip-like structure wherein.

Jan 03, For help identifying other frogs, go to our main Florida's Frogs webpage. For each species, a breeding bar indicates the months when the frog is very likely (dark green) or po/SSIbly (light green) breeding in Florida, and a range map indicates where the species is found. Use the map, frog size, and photos to help with frog identification. The barking treefrog is one of the larger, most stout and more spotted of all the tree frogs.

Amphibians are generally slower-moving than reptiles, and have uniquely moist skin which means they are never far from a source of water.

Its coloring varies from dark brown, bright green, or pale yellow or grey, although some green coloring is evident throughout all color phases. It ranges in size from 2 to 2 5/8 inches. The Green Tree Frog is an adorable and friendly creature whose call can be heard from almost a mile away.

Found throughout the southeastern United States, their bright green color helps them to camouflage while in the wild. As pets they are easy to care for, /5(15). Mar 09, American green tree frogs are native to the southeast U.S. from Florida to Virginia, and as their name indicates, they are a bright green color, which helps them camouflage in the wild with the surrounding foliage.

They have a light white or cream-colored stripe from Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins. The Green Frogs are medium-sized true frogs that are native to the eastern parts of the United States. These frogs have two subspecies: Bronze Frogs (can also be found in Florida), and the Northern Green Frogs. Just as their name suggests, the Green Frogs have a green head, while the rest of their body ranges from dark green and grey to brown. Frogs & Toads of Florida.

The males also have a bright yellow throat that is absent in the females.

Below is a list of the 33 frogs and toads that inhabit Florida. For a description of a frog or toad, click on its name.

Tree Frogs For Sale. Below are our various live tree frogs for sale online. These arboreal amphibians spend the vast majority of their life in trees and tall bushes, only coming to the ground to mate and lay eggs.

They range in size from less than one inch, to mammoth species from around the globe, and many can change colors too.

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